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Спектакль театра LUSORES о раннем Заболоцком и позднем Поллоке.

Ближайший спектакль - 30 марта в 20:00
Phantasm — an illusory, hallucinatory phenomenon strange thing that has fantastic character.
— Theodor Ziehen, German psychiater

'What a strange dream I had', — Alice thought, and she ran home, not to be late for tea.

Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

школа жуков. урок тишины.
тихий и очень длинный спектакль театра LUSORES
Что объединяет Николая Заболоцкого и Джексона Поллока?

Вполне ожидаемым хобби Джексона Поллока была кулинария. А вполне неожиданным хобби Николая Заболоцкого - энтомология.
Неожиданным элементом кулинарного искусства, как вполне ожидаемого хобби Джексона Поллока был жук.
И вполне ожидаемый элемент науки энтомологии, то есть неожиданного хобби Николая Заболоцкого - так же жук.
У одного из вышеперечисленных людей, жук являлся субъектом его хобби, а у другого - объектом.
Жук как субъект и жук как объект составляют вместе единое целое, единую традицию, единую школу.
A modern spectator is ready for transformation
We believe that a modern viewer is ready to transform the sophisticated consumer of theatrical activity in the partner. Together with the audience, we create 'Phantasms' on the stage, and a joint creative act, which remains true as long as there is present the effect of surprise and unpredictability. Each performance is born from the interaction of the actors and the audience, each performance — experiment, so your applause — this is not an expression of gratitude for what he saw, but rather a sign of consent to participate in an event.

When the idea of slipping from our consciousness, it is
does not cease to exist - as well as a machine for hiding an angle, does not dissolve in the air. Just she was out of sight. Later, we can meet again, this machine, and how can we come across previously thought lost.

— Carl Gustav Jung, Analytical Psychology.

What media says
Ask questions, despite its banality, collectively run in sitting in the hall complex thought process that does not stop even after the performance. Of course, in the end you can try to grab flashed views of the author of the relativity of the world, but in one ton of issues that will fall down on you'll have to dig their own. And it is useful, especially for you.
Peter Grey, Theatre Observer
This is a very good performance. There a lot of things. It's great just to Toronto, at a time when people are at their peak of some of its success, it is very helpful to look back and to look at its past, its roots.
Alex Zimberlaitman, Spectator
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Март: 30
Цена / 300-500 р. Начало / 20:00 pm.
Продолжительность / От 1-го часа.
Age restrictions / 16+